How to Play Wild Viking

Amid the drive to create ever more innovative casino table games, Wild Viking is a true standout. It combines elements of three popular games—Roulette, Poker and Slots—to take online wagering to a new level.

Player can take stakes on combinations of numeric values, red/black, odd/even and other types of bets typical of Roulette tables. However, instead of a wheel and a ball, Wild Viking features a deck of 54 playing cards, including two Jokers. Results are determined by five cards drawn by the dealer, with the last of the five deciding most outcomes.

The game begins with the placement of bets on a special table surface divided into three different betting areas: Centre Betting Area, Bottom Betting Area and Top Betting Area. Where the bets are positioned determines the winnings.

The Centre Betting Area shows all 52 cards in a layout. Bets can be made on any single card, which will pay 51-to-1 if it turns out to be the fifth card drawn. Winning bets on two adjoining cards pay 25-to-1, while those on four adjoining cards pay 12-to-1.

Below the very last row of cards in the Bottom Betting Area is a row of non-suit specific card ranks. A successful wager here on the fifth card drawn pays 12-to-1. A winning bet on two adjoining ranks pays 5-to-1. Blocks of four different ranks may be bet for a payout of 2-to-1 or six ranks for even money.

Also in the Bottom Betting Area are spots to wager on Odd/Even and Black/Red, which pay even money if the fifth card matches the selection. All four suits are shown, too, and a winning bet on the right one pays 3-to-1. Additionally, two single-card Red and/or Green “Joker” spots appear. A bet on the two of them to come up in first and fifth among the cards dealt pays 1,250-to-one if successful.

In the Top Betting Area, Poker hand and Progressive Jackpot bets can be made. Jokers count as wild cards in determining hand rankings. This is where a winning bet on Four of a Kind pays 200-to-1. Other payouts range from a Pair of Sixes or better for even money and Two Pair for 6-to-1 to Three of a Kind for 9-to-1, 45-to-1 for a Straight, 90-to-1 for a Flush and 150-to-1 for a Full House.

The Progressive Jackpot wager is a fixed one-unit bet. It pays the top prize from the accumulated pool for a Royal Flush with the Jokers in the first and fifth positions and the other three cards in sequence. Lesser payouts are made for Five-card Poker hands of Three of a kind or better.

A number of different strategies can be used for playing Wild Viking. The Roulette aspect of the game invites betting strategies much like those used when playing traditional Roulette, such as progressive betting and field coverage through multiple wagers. Note, of course, that the House edge is 3.7% on field bets, which is slightly better than American Roulette but not as favourable as single-zero French or European Roulette.

The Poker aspect of the game involves less strategy, whereas bets are made blind. Perhaps the best approach to earning payouts is to wager on the weaker Poker hands, which pay out more frequently, even if at lower odds than the higher ranking and rarer combinations. Whether or not to bet on the Progressive Jackpot is largely a function of the size of the pool of funds available.

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